According to PC World’s Tony Bradley Cyber Crime is a major growth industry with double-digit growth per year.

Tony points out that the bar for entry to cyber crime is low, the overhead is minimal and the compensation is phenomenal.  The downside is that you might get free room and board for the remainder of your life.  Many cyber crooks live in Eastern European countries with Asia as a new entry into that industry.  There are risks there that exceed life in prison, including having people just take everything and kill you.

Other problems with being a cyber criminal are that governments are getting good at finding them.  Cyber crime is now a major problem costing people and companies exceeding one billion US dollars per year.  That is a lot of pain and people are paying attention.

One of the funniest problem being reported by officials is that while cyber crooks have gotten really good at stealing money they have not gotten very good at collecting it.  In the past these crooks used people called Money Mules to move money to their country.  Often these mules are unwitting and uninformed people who were looking for a work-at-home job.  The penalties for the Money Mules are extreme and people have figured out that something isn’t right.  All those jobs processing money transfer orders from your home, no experiences needed, were crooked.

This has created a major problem for the crooks.  There are not enough mules to actually move the money.  It is estimated that large quantities of stolen identities go un-harvested simply because there aren’t enough people to move the money.

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